Food, Live Music, and a Spoiled Pup

That about sums up my random weekend.  Chris and I are routine kind of people.  You can always find us at one of our favorite restaurants every Friday, Saturday, and sometimes Sunday night.  We like food and we like to eat, what can I say!?  

So of course, we did the unexpected... ate!  Except this time we changed it up a bit and had Chick-Fil-A, but this was no ordinary Chick-Fil-A experience.  This was our first time eating at a Chick-Fil-A since we moved up here (minus trips in Louisiana) because they finally opened the first one in the area.  We ate outside and people watched as every car passed by and people ordered their food.  I may have overheard one man say "I'll have the Chick-Fil-Uh sandwich" and thats right about when I had lost it.  

Little did we know that the chicken temple of all chicken places and the number one late night drunk stop, also known as Waffle House, did not exist here.  Had I known that before I signed my life away to two years of grad school, I would've thought twice about my choice.  Okay maybe I wouldn't go that far.. okay yes I would.  

So Friday night included eatin' more chikin' and some waffle fries (fo free), a couch, and some wine.  We're big party people I tell ya.  I've been sucking at taking pictures lately, so luckily the iPhone library came to the rescue on this one.  And I call myself a blogger..ha.
chick-fil-a nugget meal
Saturday it was a nasty rainy day, so we were stuck indoors.  I'm still waiting for the warm, sunshiny days to get here for good, so to all you bathing suit wearing, poolside drinking people, can you stop with the teases please!?  I mean come on.. help a sister out and wait a few more months before you show all those pretty pictures on Instagram!  Deal?  Okay moving on.  

Saturday we started the evening off at a Mexican restaurant, also known as the place I somehow consume two bowls of chips and queso and fill up before my meal in my typical fashion.  After, we headed to a concert I got basically free tickets to.  There were a few dj's and then the main act, Twenty One Pilots.  I wasn't too familiar with them prior to the show.  I had only seen their performance on the MTV Movie Awards, but I was quite impressed, but then again I'm not very picky when it comes to live music. They're kind of a blend between pop, indie, and emo rock, with a hint of electronic.  It was a fun show worth seeing.
twenty one pilots concert
Sunday was another laid back, couch it up with some wine kind of day.  We decided it was time to let the poodle child open up her PetBox that the mailman surprised her with.  She immediately went into Christmas morning pose mode.  I promise I didn't make her sit behind the box like that.  She's just that spoiled!  That was "her hurry up and open the treats, you human" look she's famous for.  

Inside her box was a cute bow that attaches to a collar, a dog book, a poop bag holder, urine remover, and some healthy treats.  Girlfrand could use a breath mint or two from time to time, so I was happy to see those were in there!  I think it's safe to say we were all satisfied with the PetBox.  Every poodle deserves a box of surprise mail too ;)

How did you like to spend your weekend?  I hope you had a good one!

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