When Blogging Gets Annoying

Is it just me or has blogging become too much?  I've had this thought lingering on my mind for some time now so I'm just going to go with it and get it out there.  Blogging has been annoying me lately.  

Lately I can't help but feel like I've been tricked into signing up for some sort of race rather than sign up to blog for fun.  I feel like blogging is a competition, for most, to see who can get the farthest the fastest.  I created this blog for two reasons: to write about my life so one day I can look back on it and go "oh yeah I remember that fun weekend" and to connect with others.  I read many blogs for over a year before starting my own and honestly, I just wanted a way to join the fun, make pretty photoshop collages, and talk with some of my favorite bloggers and not feel like a total stranger.  I didn't start a blog to play the game of let's see how big it can get, and I don't think the majority of other bloggers did either.  But now that some have their blog, I'm starting to think otherwise. 

And this is why blogging is annoying me.  I'm not referring to the actual process of coming to this page and writing my random thoughts or life recaps on this blank space of mine, I'm talking about all the extra "stuff" that comes along with blogging.  The stuff that you never even knew existed before clicking that create new blog button.  All the extra work that you need to do to be a "successful" blogger, whatever that means.  The sponsorships, the pressure to write a post for the sole purpose of it being repinned on Pinterest, gaining new followers, receiving a certain amount of comments on your post, increasing your pageviews, all of that extra crap.  All of those things are fine, but if that's all you're doing, you're doing it wrong.  

Some consider their blog successful based on the amount of followers they have, and some consider it a success if they average tremendous amounts of comments per post.  And then you have those that simply do not care.  I consider myself to be the latter.  When you think about it, you can't really put a definition to success.  Success is how you perceive it.  Success is achieving a goal, a goal that you created.  

So what does, lets say, 2,000 followers, or 120 comments, or 900 pageviews tell you?  Absolutely nothing besides the fact that you've reached your goal.  Congratulations.  And that's exactly why I do not care.  My daily life will not be affected based on a number I see on my blog.  Having 120 comments isn't going to land me a job as the next writer for the New York Times, not that I would want that anyway, I'm just saying.  But what would change is the opportunity to connect with 120 more people than I otherwise wouldn't have if I wouldn't have written that post.  But again, does the number really matter?  No.  Not to me at least.  Because what matters to me is that I can come here and if I can connect with at least one person, then I'm happy.  And that my friends is why I never signed up for the race.

I'm not saying it's wrong to sponsor blogs, because I'll be the first to admit that I do it, nor am I saying it's wrong to want to gain a dedicated readership.  I'll sponsor a few of my favorite blogs every once in a while to try to connect with a few more people, but I'm not going to get beat up over it if I only gain 10 new followers out of the latest giveaway.  I think we all should remember why we started this in the first place.  Write for you.  Don't write for that viral post.  I caught myself thinking some of my posts weren't "blog worthy" before and quickly realized how stupid I was being.  Blogging doesn't have rules, regardless of how many posts you read stating otherwise.  Remember that.

But I still can't figure out why others seem to care so much.  Why are they in such a rush to grow their blog or become the next "big" blogger?  It's almost as if some create their blog and then start counting and can't be complete until they see that number change.  There's nothing wrong with having many followers, comments, pageviews, repins, etc, but in all honesty, if that's all you care about, are you really going to be that much more content with 2,000 followers as opposed to 200?  When you consider how many people there are in this world, those numbers on the sidebar or bottom of a post are so insignificant, it makes this whole game seem silly.

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