The Last Spring Break

This time next week, I'll be home in Laweezyana (what up Lil Wayne) for my last ever Spring Break.  I'll be pretending I'm on some Miami beach while I sip on my margaritas and beer  Life is good when you're on vacation. 
pool and beerSpeaking of vacation, I almost can't believe this is my last official Spring Break (can grad students even call it that?).  What's one to do with no more excuses to load up the car with your best friends and road trip to the beach?
panama city beach florida
If I've learned one thing from Spring Break during college and post college it's that you may want to do yourself a favor and book a trip to your
 Spring Break destination just to people watch before it's too late.  The stuff you saw when you were 21 is even more entertaining a few years later down the road (I learned that last year), but my freshman year trip to Panama City Beach still takes the cake.  Let's just say people like to keep it classy and don't believe in clothing or privacy and take things to the balcony instead.. I'll leave it at that.  I'm proud to say I was never one of those girls and I'm sure they did enough for all of us to live vicariously through.  If I could do it all over again though, I would choose to go to Miami.  The weather is hot, the water is gorgeous and the people are even hotter.

I image Spring Break in Miami being somewhat of an episode on MTV, you know, the ones you used to watch when you got home from school in the evenings that always came on right after TRL.  There were hundreds of people dancing to Sisqo's Thong Song in bikinis and your eighth grade self wanted nothing more than to be part of it.  I know I wouldn't mind chilling in a pool and getting my two seconds of fame.  You probably wouldn't find me participating in the wet t-shirt contests, but hey, to each their own.  Give me some sun and sand and I'm good to go.

Have you been to Miami for Spring Break?  If you could go anywhere, where would you choose?

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