My Fur Child Turned Seven

This weekend I learned that I may just be one of those really crazy pet parents.  Wait who am I kidding, I already knew that.  I came to that realization back when I counted ten dog outfits on my living room floor.  I promise I'm not crazy, I'm just.. bored?  You be the judge of that one, I don't mind.  

So yesterday, my little fur child turned seven years old.  I can't believe this little princess has been in my life for seven years now.  It seems like it was just yesterday when my mom brought her home and surprised me, except she wasn't a surprise for me, she was my replacement for when I went off to college since I'm the only child.  A few weeks into living in my very first apartment as a college freshman, I decided I needed a pet, so I stole Hailey from my mom and she's been mine ever since.  Sorry mom, you're still not getting her back, but you're more than welcome to babysit!

Seven years ago, this little ball of ringlet curls entered my life and it hasn't been the same ever since.  There's never a dull moment where she's not trying to back her butt up onto my arm for a butt rub, or beg for a bacon treat, or pull out every piece of stuffing in her favorite neon worm toy.  I seriously couldn't imagine life without my dog, hence why I've become the crazy pet parent.
black poodle puppy
To celebrate Hailey's 7th birthday yesterday, Chris and I bought some dog cookies for her.  They looked like people cookies, but no worries, they're totally safe.  She devoured four of the chocolate chip ones before I decided to take the plate away.  Then she was pampered with a bath, brush, and blowout, poodle princess style.  She's a total diva dog and high maintenance is an understatement.  I mean afterall, she does get more expensive hair treatments than I do.
black poodle
black toy poodle
Happy Birthday Hailey!

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