A Day in the Life of a New Englander (why I can't wait to move)

This morning I woke up to 15 degree temperatures with a wind chill of -1, 25 mph winds, and snow. That's real cute, Massachusetts, real cute.  If you read this post, you know by now that I've been anxiously counting down the days until I can get out of here for good.  It's no secret that I dislike it here, so for any of you wondering, here's what it's like to live in this place and why I can't wait to move:

- My family is 1,400 miles away.  That's a 24 hour drive, if you drive straight through without any stops, which isn't possible.

- It's still snowing.  In the middle of March.  And can snow from October-April.

- I haven't felt the temperature above 50 degrees since November.

- And this was my 10 day forecast earlier this week.

- I can't leave my house without looking like a puffy snowman wearing a huge coat.  So much for dressing cute, nobody is going to see under the layers anyway!
- Clean car?  Forget it.  The same evening you bring your car to the wash, it will look like this from all the sand, salt, and mud to treat the icy roads.
infiniti g37 in snow
- Riding boots?  What are those!?  I've worn Hunter boots for six weeks straight due to all the snow and slush.
hunter boots in snow
- Speaking of snow, this is what it
really looks like.
snow in new england
- There is no gumbo, or crawfish, or snowballs, or any good seafood.

- Even when it's warm enough to go to the beach, the water is still freezing.
new england beach
- And when it's finally summer, it's just as hot as in the south, so I may as well just live in the south then!

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