Starting Valentine's Day in the Most Unromantic Way Possible

Wanna know the most unromantic way to start your Valentine's Day?  Go outside and try to help your boyfriend push and shovel his car from being stuck in multiple spots in the snowy driveway.  Stay out there for two hours until you can't feel your toes.  When two hours pass and shoveling isn't doing shit, walk to the gas station to buy a bag of kitty litter to try the good ole' pour some kitty litter on the tires of a real wheel drive car trick.  Then get all the men you can to physically push the car while you floor down the gas pedal.  When that fails, call a tow truck and wait another hour for them to come pull you out.  In the mean time while you wait, go start your other car to make sure you'll be able to get out too, all to find out that you're car won't start.  Cool.  And that my friends is how to not start off your romantic Valentine's Day!
In other news, the snow is really pretty and this will for sure be a Valentine's Day we'll never forget, so I can't be too mad about it.  It happens, right?  I'm 110% sure tonight and this weekend (as long as I don't break something going down the ski slope) will make up for it!  Also, this cute little guy stole my heart this morning.
I watched him climb down the tree and onto the snow.  He looked around like wtf is all this white shit and I immediately felt bad for the little guy.  He seemed to be looking for food, so I went inside and got a few pieces of bread to throw to him.  I watched him take each piece, climb back up the tree to eat it on the branch, and come back down for more.  It was seriously the sweetest thing ever and now I want to save all the animals.  

Share the love y'all!  Happy Valentine's Day and #btau Friday!

Feel The Love (ft. John Newman) by Rudimental on Grooveshark

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