Homemade Strawberry Mojito

Since the snow is still coming down and the sun is still in hiding over here, I figured if I can't actually see summer, I might as well drink it.  So I went out to my local grocery store, got some fruit, and came home and whipped up this beauty.  I'm always one to be a bit disappointed with my attempt at replicating things at home, but not gonna lie, this was by far the best thing I've ever tasted, so obviously I must share.  It was quick, easy, and better than any mojito I've ordered from a bar.
homemade strawberry mojito recipe
3 fresh strawberries
4 mint leaves
1 fresh lime
2 oz. simple syrup
2 oz. white rum
soda water
1.  Muddle the strawberries, mint leaves, and simple syrup in a chilled glass until well crushed
2.  Juice one lime into the glass
3.  Add the rum and stir well
4.  Fill with ice and top off with the soda water
5.  Enjoy, don't get too crazy, but if you do, order all the takeout ;)

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