Dream Home Hunting

I've always been one to search real estate listings for fun in my spare time, but lately this hobby of mine is getting a little out of control.  I could consider it being productive for the fact that I'll be moving in a few months, but no.  If I'm being real honest here, I'm looking at places that I would consider to be dream home material, not fresh out of grad school home material.  And now it's making me want to build a house, like now.  So what does one do when they get such an urge? They turn to Pinterest to keep living those dreams over the interweb for a little bit longer.

So, if I could have my Pinterest dream home right now, it would look a little something like this.
dream house
I love everything about the neutral colors, all of the windows, the roof, and especially the balcony.   I've always wanted to have a bedroom with a balcony that overlooked the pool, hence why this is my dream home.

I love how bright this kitchen is with the while cabinets and all the windows.  I'm a huge fan of natural light, so the more windows the merrier.  
updated white kitchen
Double sinks are at the top of my list.  As much as I love my boo, I love having my own space just as much.  The same goes for the closet.  Smelly man shoes?  No thank you.  He can have his own! Anyone else with me on this one?
his and hers master bath
I'm also big on neutrals for decor in the common areas like the living room and kitchen so it doesn't get outdated as fast.  As for looking for design inspiration, I usually look at my favorite stores to see how they styled their products.  Urbanara is a great resource for this.  They have tons of home decor items for every room in the house with many neutrals to choose from.  These are some of my favorites from Urbanara as of late.  
urbanara neutral home decor
An outdoor living area is also at the top of my list.  When it's nice out, you can find me backyard chillin' with a drink in hand while the boo grills.  That is the life y'all!
outdoor grill and fire pit
This wouldn't be so bad to have either.  See, they even have the overlooking balcony.  It's just meant to be.
built in pool

Now if that wasn't a tease then I'm not sure what is.  
What would your dream home look like?