Top 5 Winter Essentials

With February quickly approaching we're getting one step closer to spring.. that is, if you're lucky.  But for many, that just means it's getting colder out, if that's even possible to imagine.  I unfortunately happen to be placed in the freeze your assets off for another few months category, so while all of you start preparing your cute bikinis and pretty bright colored outfits, I'll be over here covering up all my goods.  Someone please remind me why I thought this whole experience snow for once in your life idea would be cool before I lose it.

If there's one thing keeping me patient throughout this time of the year though, it's having a cute pile of winter necessities in reach, so here are my favorites as of late.

1.  Michael Kors gloves and a warm cup of coffee.  It also helps that this Starbucks tutu mug is kind of the best thing ever.  The MK gloves were from TJ Maxx.  You never know what you may find!
starbucks black and gold tutu mug
2.  Infinity scarves.  Any color and print will do, but a little chevron never hurt nobody.   I got this off of  Everyday they offer different boutique deals at great prices.  I may have went on a little order frenzy for a whole week straight.
black and tan chevron infinity scarf
3.  Knitted headbands to keep your ears warm.  I personally am not a fan of wearing hats, so the headband is a good way to stay warm without the whole head crammed in a sock beanie look.  These are also from Jane!
knitted headband ear warmers
4.  Burt's Bees.  With the extremely cold temperatures we've been getting, my hands have been embarrassing to look at.  So dry and cracked... ain't nobody got time for that.  This stuff has been a lifesaver!
burt's bees beeswax lip balm
5.  Riding boots.  Preferably cognac colored ones that look great with both black and brown accented outfits.  I also don't mind the super comfiness of these either.  And guess what!?  They're also from Jane!  So if you're in the mood to shop, head on over (I promise you'll be addicted), or don't (you're credit card will thank me).
cognac riding boots

What are your favorite winter essentials?

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