I am Blind

Okay, so maybe I'm not legally defined as blind, but I'm pretty darn close.  I've worn glasses for just about my entire life (since second grade) and it wasn't until high school, my junior year to be exact, that I got my first pair of contacts.  I had this weird fear of touching my eye for some reason.  It was so weird that when I first went to the eye doctor in seventh grade to attempt to get contacts, I left empty handed because I couldn't get myself to put them in.  Whoooo does that?  Apparently this girl here.  Thankfully we're now past all that.
Now let's backtrack to second grade when I got my first pair of glasses.  I remember it like it was yesterday, from the moment I first put them on.  It was like I could finally see!  "You mean trees actually have leaves!?" and  "look at how pretty everything is" were just a few of my thoughts.  I was a changed woman from then on I tell ya!

And then the high school days hit.  And the eyeglasses wearing continued.  Nerd alert: I rocked them.
we were obviously all so thrilled and ready for that picture.

The good news is now we at least have the chance to look good in glasses.  There are so many designer glasses frames to choose from and even people that don't need to wear prescription eyeglasses choose to wear them.    So thank you to all of you that made glasses cool again!

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*this was a sponsored post by GlassesUSA.com, but all opinions are my own.

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