Five on Friday: Everyday Jewelry Pieces

It's been a while since I've shared some of my favorites with y'all, so today I have five everyday jewelry pieces I just can't get enough of lately.  Although I do love me a good statement necklace here and there, my absolute favorite go to pieces are usually something simple and dainty that can preferably be worn regardless of my outfit.  Just as I am with purchasing handbags and shoes, I'm no different with jewelry.  You'll never see a non neutral color pair of shoes or bag in my closet and you usually won't see jewelry that I can't wear more than once a week, minus the exception of the (once?) trendy bubble necklaces and similar pieces most of you are already familiar with- you get my point.

So here are five simple pieces that you can wear everyday and the good news is they're all under $100!

1.  The Kris Nations state pride Louisiana necklace.  This whole state pride trend has really blown up lately and there's no denying the fact that I've jumped on this wagon.  This necklace is especially good for football season.  Gotta represent y'all!
kris nations state pride collection Louisiana necklace
2.  The Gigglosophy love initials bracelet.  This is a cute way to show your love for your significant other without being all like oh my gosh I love my hubby slash boyfriend slash boo slash sugar bear ohhh soooo muchhhh... or something like that.
gigglosophy love initials bracelet
3.  Tory Burch small logo stud earrings.  I would love to be able to wear those huge dangle earrings all those fashion bloggers rock on the daily, but my poor ears just can't handle, so studs it is for this girl.  These are lightweight and comfy. Win win.
tory burch small logo stud earrings gold
4.  Tory Burch logo necklace, made by yours truly.  Now I'm not exactly sure if Tory Burch sells something similar or not (I don't think so), but what I did was take the charm that came on the jewelry bag my earrings were in and attached it to a gold metal chain and bam.  Free(ish) TB necklace!  By the way, you can do this for almost anything you find laying around your jewelry box.
tory burch logo necklace
5.  The Marley Lilly Nala monogrammed ring.  My everyday arm candy usually consists of my Michael Kors watch and David Yurman cable bracelet, so I thought the monogrammed ring would match perfectly with the Yurman bracelet, and that it does!  If you're looking for something to resemble DY, this one's for you.  Plus it's monogrammed and what girl doesn't need another monogrammed piece?
sterling silver marley lilly monogrammed ring

You can shop online for these here: one | two | three | five

What are your favorite everyday go to pieces?

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