Weekend Winter Wonderland

Currently, it's snowing up a storm outside, my car took ten too many slides on the snowy roads today, I leave to go home tomorrow and have yet to pack, and I'm writing my weekend recap on a Tuesday afternoon.  Story of my life y'all, some things just never change.  Since it's clear I don't have my life together this week, I may as well just go take that nap I promised myself this morning.  What better way to beat procrastination than by procrastinating more, right?  Oh and if anyone wants to come pack three weeks worth of clothes into two suitcases for me, be my guest.  I'll trade you my snowman making skills for your packing skills.  Deal?

Now let's get back to that weekend recap, shall we?  This weekend I woke up to a winter wonder land with all the snow.  Or sneaux for all you cajuns reading.  Like my natural self, I acted like a child and insisted on going out to play in it.  I decided I had to make up for the loss of a snow filled childhood from growing up in the south, so that I did.  Poodle, decked out in her scarf and Rudolph sweater, wasn't complaining either!

On Saturday morning when we woke up to eight inches of snow, Chris and I built our very first snowman!  It took us a while to figure out how to get the powdery snow into a ball and it's not perfect, but it's our first and we were proud!  I guess I never got the memo that jelly beans don't make for a good mouth because for some reason I thought it would be a good idea and five minutes into it, our snowman looked like a vampire.  Poor guy.  At least he looked not crazy for a few minutes! 

The jelly beans may not have been a good idea, but my wine acquiring and chilling skills were and that's all that matters.

Now to nap, attempt to pack, and hopefully catch my flight to Louisiana tomorrow, that is, if the plow man comes and clears our street.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  If I'm delayed from being in New Orleans, eating crabs, crawfish, red beans, and gumbo, or drinking, we gon' have some probz!

I'm not making any promises with this blog while I'm gone, so if you don't hear from me for a while... see ya next year ;)  And Merry Christmas!! You can always follow me on Instagram for all things Laweezyana.  I promise you'll be seeing me often on there!

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