Six Favorite Things

It's Five on Friday, but I have six things.  I hope I'm not in trouble.  It's also one day closer to me being in Louisiana, and I would say I'm more than okay with that.  Just one weekend snow storm and two work days to go and I'll be back in New Orleans.  I think I can handle that.  Except this southern girl has never used a shovel to remove snow in her life and I've been told I should expect about eight inches of the fluffy white stuff tomorrow.  That should be interesting.  Good thing I live in walking distance to the liquor store.  Liquor store.  That's also something I've never really used.  Not because I'm a debby downer non drinker (sorry to all you sober folks out there), but because where I'm from you can get liquor just about anywhere.  That's right, you can walk into any gas station, convenience store, Walgreens, Walmart, name it.  You can get what you need all while poppin' bottles before you even get out the door.  Reason #1 why I can't wait to be back in Nola!

But enough about Nola, afterall, this was supposed to be a post of my favorite things as of late, so let's stick to the point.  These are my favorite things.  It's some pretty cool shit if you ask me, and if any of you want to be a sweetheart and buy me that red bag you see below, I wouldn't mind it.

michael kors handbags and michael kors boots

hunter boots tall original matte

One.  Michael Kors Charm Riding Boots- let's start by saying Christmas came early for me with this one. I originally wanted these MK boots but unfortunately couldn't even zip them up on my left leg.  It worked for the right, so maybe I'm just deformed.  The sales associate did say two other people had the same problem as I had that same day, so that's my defense.  The charm boots luckily come in wide calf options though, but if you look closely at the dimensions, MK's "wide calf" is the same size as most standard boots.  I guess it's better than nothing though, because at least they fit... and were half the price!

Two.  Michael Kors Fulton Moc Flats-  these bishes are by far the comfiest flats I have ever worn and they are super cute.  My feet basically cry every time I put those Tory-kill your feet-Burch flats on, so I'm 100% sure they're thanking me for these.  

Three.  All MK bags in this red wine color.  I can't get enough of it lately.  But since I'm a cheapass and only buy neutral colors to go with everything, I'll probably never own it.

Four.  Hunter Welly liner socks.  These are oh so warm!  I wear them around the house even when I don't have my boots on.  If you're going to pay $40 for a pair of socks, why not get the most out of them, right!?

Five.  Hunter Original matte boots.  I'm sure I'm pretty late to the party with this one, but this is probably my best purchase ever.  They sure could have come in handy during this time in NYC though.

Six.  Knitted headband ear warmers.  After living in New England for over a year, I sadly still do not have any sort of ear warmer.  Such a same.  I have been on the hunt for the perfect off white color. Any recommendations?

What are your favorite things?

I also have someone I would like you to meet.  So don't click that x just yet ;)

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