Etsy Home Decor Gift Guide

Can y'all believe we are just about two weeks from Christmas!?  I'm not gonna lie, I haven't purchased one gift for anyone except myself yet.  Normally I would blame that one on procrastination, but hey, I have a good excuse this year!  I have to fly home and three packed suitcases of clothes and shoes are already enough.  So there's that.  

Now back to my main point.. we are two freakin weeks away!!  For some reason, I find stuff all year when I don't have a reason to buy, but when it comes down to a Christmas countdown and having to actually purchase stuff for people, I somehow forget where all the good things I've found are and get the urge to take the easy way out with a gift card.  Sure, money is cool, but who doesn't like unwrapping actual objects on Christmas morning? I know I do, and that's why I've been pinning away.  My Christmas list is a little different this year, with much more home decor objects than I'd ever imagine.  Here are a few of my favorites I've had my eye on lately.  They're all from Etsy too!
One.  Holly Golightly Tassel Garland from Studio Mucci.  So cute and festive!

Two.  Black + Gold Pillow from Svetastyle.  Who Dat anyone!?

Three.  Faux Deer Mount from White Faux Taxidermy.  I'm not a fan of the creepy dead deer heads people hang on walls, but this one is perfection.  It's fake annnd it's gold.    

Four.  Gold Foil Print from The Digital Studio.  This quote is so true.

Five.  Gold Stiped Canvas from Pearls + Pastries.  Totes jealous of all you diy'ers out there that can make cute things like this!

What are some things on your Christmas list?  Do you find yourself asking for randomly different things this year too?

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