You Know You're An LSU Fan When

The most anticipated game of the year has finally come and gone, and just like that the LSU season is almost over. As much as the outcome sucked, I must admit I'd still rather lose a game than be a BAMA fan. Just saying..

On another note, being an LSU alum and the diehard fan that I am, I feel like this post has been a little over due, so today I present to you:

10 Ways You Know You're an LSU Tigers Fan

1. You know what the Les Miles Clap is. You also know it's not a std. Sorry gonorrhea, wouldn't wanna be ya.
lsu les miles gifs

2. You don't have a second favorite college team. You only have a list of teams you hate the least.

3. You know the grass in Tiger Stadium tastes the best.
les miles eating grass gif

4. You don't plan anything important on LSU game day. There are 353 other days to do so.

5. You know it's ok to be your true self. We won't judge you.
lsu t rex kid

6. The syllables "dun dun dun dun" give you chills.

7. You hate BAMA just as much as you hate Nick Satan.

8. You never spell "go" with an "o".

9. You keep it classy in the student section.

10. And most importantly, you bleed purple and gold.

How do you know you're a fan?  Comment below!

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