The Countdown Has Begun

I'm pretty sure today could not get any better.  I'm also 100% positive that this is the best Monday in quite some time.  We can all agree that Mondays typically suck, right?  Especially when you realize your black work dress pants are ripping in the crotch when you've already walked out the door. Good thing I wore black underwear today.  Not like that happened or anything...

But back to my point, this Monday for me is a little special.  That's because this morning I scheduled classes for my last semester of grad school. Anddd to top it off, I have exactly one month until I am in Louisiana!  I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel y'all.  I'll be doing a happy dance for the rest of the day because the countdown has officially begun!  6 months til graduation and I'm outta here! Woo woo!

Ok now that I got that mini party out of the way, let's move onto my weekend recap.  It looked a little something like this:

One :: I did a little shopping this weekend and came across these Michael Kors gloves that are to die for.  Even better is that they were only $40 at Marshalls.  That's $60 off the retail price, I'll take it!  Oh and that adorbs little black and gold mug wearing a tutu you see, that's from Starbucks.  I can't wait to pair the two when it gets a little colder out!

Two :: More shopping occurred and I couldn't help myself but to give into the Christmas spirit.  I found these all at the dollar tree!  Not pictured are some glasses with shiny gold rim at the top.  They kind of reminded me of the cheers glasses currently at Target.  Score!

Three :: Saturday night Chris and I ventured off to a town nearby to grab dinner and drinks.  The area we were in is basically a little downtown area with tons of restaurants and shops.  It kind of reminds me of a few places in Brooklyn.  Very hip and characteristic!  

Four ::  We finished off Saturday's dinner with some Snickers cheesecake from a local pastry shop.  I've been having a random craving for cheesecake, which was weird considering the fact I've only had it a few times in my life.  I may or may not have made an oreo cheesecake at home on Sunday.  I think I've started another addiction and I'm not sorry!

How did you spend your weekend?  I hope it was a good one! 

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