Christmas On My Mind

Well well well, look who's back from a mini unplanned blogger vacay.  Except I wouldn't exactly call it a vacay, because this little break of mine was everything but.  Between work, grad classes, and then working on papers and projects on my "free" time, I almost forgot this space existed.  No worries though, I'm not going anywhere.  But if I do happen to go mia again, just know I am still alive, just most likely buried in a pile of books and papers somewhere until December.  Anyhow...

Speaking of December, did I mention how freaking excited I am for that month to arrive?  I'm ready for all things red, green, bright, and cozy.  I wouldn't mind if Christmas season was year round.. just sayin.  To jump start the celebration, I will be heading to NYC for Thanksgiving again this year.  I have my tickets purchased for the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Extravaganza and you better believe I'm counting down the days! Unfortunately, the tree at Rockefeller Center won't be lit until a few days after I leave, but that's ok, that just means I'll have to plan another trip back.  Here's to hoping it won't be pouring down raining and leave Chris and I looking like wet dogs when we go to snap our pic in front of that giant tree again.
And before you get jealous, Thanksgiving, did you really think I'd forget about ya?  Considering my love for food, I don't think that'll ever be a problem.  Pinky promise.  But.. I just might put my Christmas tree up before you arrive.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  

And if the snow could hold off for a little longer, that'd be cool.  This was the first week of November last year, the day Chris and I saw our first real snow fall, because we all know Louisiana "snow" doesn't count.  And now my weather channel app is predicting snow for next week.  Please be wrong, please be wrong!
Since this post has turned into pretty much a Christmas post, I might as well start counting down the days, right?  So, in 5 weeks, I will be back home in Louisiana!  This means no snow, no blizzards, just all the family, friends, crab legs, gumbo, and drive through daiquiri shops I could ever want.  If that's not something to look forward to then I don't know what is.

What are you looking forward to?  Tell me I'm not the only one with Christmas already on my mind!

Love Me Again - Tribute to John Newman by Music Junkie on Grooveshark
Happy weekend y'all! #backthatazzup

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