Boston, Snow, and Football Shenanigans

Before we get started today, let's all take a moment to acknowledge the fact that this is a short workweek.  Can I get an amen, hallelujah or what!?  I am especially excited to get tomorrow over with so I can be on my pretty little way into New York City for Thanksgiving.  I see lots of eating and shopping in my near future.  Should I be crazy enough to fight the mad NYC Black Friday crowds? Pshh of course I will.  I see an interesting story to come.  Now before I get too caught up in daydreaming about all the NYC festivities, let's recap the weekend.
One.  It all started with an Abita beer and an LSU win.  I've said it many times, but I don't know what I'd do without the Boston LSU Alumni bar.  It's home away from home.  Speaking of LSU, way to show up and win a game, boys!  Now why couldn't you do that against Bama?  Y'all drive me crazy but I still love ya.

Two.  After we saw LSU dominate Texas A&M, we went back to our friends place and grilled up some steaks with wine.  We even got a surprise snow fall that lasted a whole two minutes.  It was all fun until the drive home when we somehow missed the memo that there was more snow to come.  After driving through a few flurries and icy roads, we made it back to our place only to find more snow.  So I did what any southerner would do and took out my tiny rear wheel drive sports car and went test drive my new snow tires and played in the parking lot next door.  The car still barely moves and slides all over the place for the record.

Three.  We semi rescued this little baby.  She's been a stray since we moved in sometime in August. After hearing strange meows coming from under my floor a few days prior, I realized the sweet girl somehow got locked in the basement.  My heart was too big to leave her in the near single digit temps, so last night we bought some food and a litter box and we are officially keeping her in.  We've convinced Chris' sister to adopt her, so we'll be making one interesting train/subway ride with two dogs, one cat, plus luggage in NYC.  Do they serve drinks on those trains?

Four.  Princess poodle wasn't too happy about the cat taking over.  But she got over it after her belly was full and she could plop on the couch to watch me put up the last bit of Christmas decorations.

Five.  I am in love with my living room winter wonderland.  Santa's elves may have to pay a visit and steal my stuff or else it's staying up all year.  
And that's a wrap.  I'll try to pop in once before I leave for New York.  You can always follow me on Instagram if you want to see an overload of NYC, food, and shopping pics!  Happy Thanksgiving week!

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