Black Friday Doorbusters 2013

Black Friday:  the day all hell breaks loose over the things we want exactly one day after being thankful for the things we have.  In other words, cue the wrap around lines and overly anxious crowds and get to shopping.  

If you're brave enough to fight the gadget hungry crowds, then take out your pen, notepad, and non-maxed out credit card and take note.  I've put together a Black Friday shopping guide for some of the most sought after items year after year.  

Keep in mind all stores offer the same products at some type of sale price, but one is always way better than the other.  Read below to find out where you can get these items for the best price. Sidenote: anyone who wants to buy me a new MacBook Pro is more than welcome.  I'll send ya some milk with those cookies.

One.  Apple iPad Air 16gb Wifi from Target for $479 + a free $100 Target gift card with your purchase! Doors open at 8pm Thanksgiving night.

Two.  Nikon D3200 DSLR camera w/ 18-55mm and 55-200mm lens from Best Buy or Target for $499.  Doors open at 8m Thanksgiving night.

Three.  Apple MacBook Pro w/ Retina display 13" from Best Buy for $1099.  Doors open at 6pm Thanksgiving night.

Four.  Insignia 39" LED 1080p TV from Best Buy for $169.  All stores offer some type of TV deal, but I felt this was the most decent brand for the price and size.  Another thing to consider is 1080p vs 720p.  If you want a true HD broadcast, make sure you go for the 1080p.  Doors open at 6pm Thanksgiving night.

Five.  Sony Smart Blu-Ray player w/ built in wifi from Best Buy for $54.  Doors open at 6pm Thanksgiving night.

Six.  40% off all juicers and blenders from Macy's starting at $23 plus $10 off your purchase if you have the coupon from their ad.  This is your best chance to get your hands on some bargain priced appliances to help jump kick your NYE weight loss resolution.  Doors open 8pm Thanksgiving night.

To make your shopping easier, go to the app store and type in "black friday" and download the app to your phone.  You can see all of the posted sales ads while on the go to help plan out your shopping trip.  You're welcome!

If you're not a big electronic tech fan, then you're still in luck.  Just wait until after the stores open and let the crazies go first.  Most of the really good sales last until at least noon on Friday.  Think $20 boots and $40 coats to fill your closet... at least that's what I'll be doing!

Happy shopping, friends!

Oh and before I forget, ALL ad spaces are 25% off w/ code SOUTHERN25.  Get yours now!!

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