Bedroom Design Inspiration Take 2

Now that I am out of my small downtown apartment and finally have a new place, with a bedroom that actually has a window (if you remember from this post) and everything I wanted from this post, I think it's time to finally redo the master bedroom.  

I kind of gave up on the bedroom redo I blogged about a few months ago with the pink and gold inspiration and decided I would just wait until Chris & I got a new place and could start fresh.  I'm kind of glad I waited though, since I was originally set on going all out with the pink and gold, but kind of forgot that I have a man living with me too (sorry Chris)!  

I still want to do the pink and gold theme, but this time I've decided to add black and white.  I want the focus to be mostly on the black, white, and gold with a liiiitle pop of pink (girlfriend can't give up the pink completely, so guess who wins this one).  Luckily for me, Chris is the type of guy who initially is against all ideas, then quickly admits I was right (because I alway am, duh!) and loves my decisions (insert the time when I redid our living room with light blue and flowers).  I like the idea of mixing stripes, quatrefoil and chevron, so here is what I have in mind:

pink gold black and white bedroom inspiration
The bed in the top left is what initially got me caught on this idea.  I want to recreate this look with a mostly white duvet cover (specifically the one with the black chevron stripes below) and keep the black and white striped throw pillows,  then add a pink chevron pillow and either a white and gold polka dot pillow or a white and gold monogrammed pillow.  Our bedroom is painted a light grey color like the photo on the top right, and we have all white furniture so I'm hoping I can recreate these looks!

pink gold black and white office inspiration
I am obsessed with all of these prints and flowers, so I would like to style the night stand and dresser similar to these photos.  I bought some supplies a while ago for a diy project to make the gold polka dot photo on the top right.  I also have some white matted frames that I plan on spray painting gold to style some MadeByGirl prints with.

The white bedroom furniture set in the top right is the exact set that Chris & I currently have.  Since we have white furniture, I'm not too big on doing solid white bedding, so I think this black & white chevron duvet cover will look nice.  It's simple but not too plain!  I also bought this Pearls and Pastries heart print that will help add that pop of pink I want.  I'm considering ordering these gold polka dot decals to make an accent wall (too much?) behind the bed.  Oh decisions decisions!  Being indecisive is definitely not a good thing when it comes down to stuff like this.  Yikes!

So what are your thoughts?  I would love to hear any suggestions since I'm not any type of design expert.  If pinterest didn't exist I'de be doomed!  Also, do you think it's still too much pink for a man or should I do it anyway!?

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