Weekend Shenanigans and Lots of Calories

This weekend actually felt like a long one for once.  Not that I'm complaining about that or anything.  But why can't they all be like that more often?  Life would be too good!  Let's just hope this week is a short one.

Looking back, I realize I basically ate my way through the entire weekend and probably gained about 100 pounds in 3 days.  Oops.  But it was worth every bite.

One.  I found the mini Phillip Lim bag sitting all alone on the shelf at Target.  I must have freaked some people out in there by the way I reacted when I saw that beauty.  Depression was starting to kick in when I realized I probably wouldn't be getting anymore, but don't worry, all is good now!

Two.  This caramel cookie crunch gelato.  Do yourself a favor and try it.

Three.  I teased myself with the model gold iPhone 5s and then realized how much I hate Verizon.  I have an upgrade that I can't even use (unless I want to lose my unlimited data plan.. no thank you). Why why whyyy do they do this?!

Four.  Lots of cuddles with my Hailey girl.

Five.  Watched the real Tigers win the Tiger Bowl!

Six.  Stocked up on my favorite Abita strawberry and purple haze.  Love my local hometown beer!

Seven.  Indulged in some hibachi.  I blame half the amount of pounds gained this weekend on this plate.

Eight.  Because no weekend is done right without some queso, chips, and salsa.

What did you get into this weekend!?  Link up and share!

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