A Few of My Favorite (Cheap) Things

I've been on a shopping kick lately (what's new) and have been finding the cutest stuff.  The best part about this though is that everything is so cheap!  I'm a fan of saving money, so whenever I find a great product for a good price, it's mine!

Here are a few of my favorite things I've been loving lately:

This Louisiana State necklace from Brickyard Buffalo.  I had been eyeing one of these necklaces for a while, but wasn't down to paying a $40 price tag on Etsy.  When I finally found one for only $10, I knew it was finally going to be mine!

My Phillip Lim for Target bag.  This beauty has yet to let me down!  It fits my MacBook Pro, planner, folders, and a few other grad school necessities perfectly.  I am regretting not searching for the mini satchel.  I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that they decide to restock this line!

These silver and gold pencils.  Target does it again, y'all!  These cuties were found in the dollar section for only one dolla!  If you aren't already in the habit of skimming this aisle, do so now.  There's always a gem in the bunch!

This chevron laundry hamper from Walmart for only $12!  I feel like Wally World has been trying to step their game up lately.  I was quite surprised to find something so trendy there!

What have you been loving lately?  Link up and share!  And don't forget to have a great weekend!!!

The Stockholm Syndrome (CLMD Extended Version) by CLMD Vs Kish feat. Froder on Grooveshark
Ps* If you haven't been jamming to this lately, you're missing out ;)

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