Saying Goodbye

Before you go all ugly cry face and whip out the box of kleenex on me, hold up a sec!  I know it may seem like I've given up on blogging lately, hence my lack of posts which is not normal for me, but I'm not ready to quit just yet.  In fact, the truth is I miss blogging and all of you.  I really do.  And boy does it feel good to open up this white blank space and type away.  For a second there I thought I had forgotten how to even work this thing.  But enough of the rambling and let's get to the point.

I've been mia, so here's my excuse:  you all know I originally took my mini break because I was going back home to Louisiana for two weeks, but I had every intention on getting back to my normal schedule as soon as I returned.  Wellllll, I guess it's safe to say that was a lie.  Oh and that New Orleans recap I promised?  Yeah that's not done yet.  But wait.... I have another excuse!  

You see, as soon as I returned back to the good ole northeast, I immediately started my new job the following day, which has consisted of 9+ hour training days for the past (almost) two weeks.  Today I was at work for 12 hours.. I think you get the point.  On top of that, I have been in the process of packing up my entire life apartment because (here's where the good news starts and the b****ing ends) I FINALLY found a place to live and it's not a sh*t hole!! WOOOHOO!  This girl is no longer homeless :)  I promise to give details all about Chris and I's new place a few more weeks from now soon.  

So for the next few days, I'll be saying goodbye to our first "home away from home" as I like to call it.  In memory of our little downtown apartment, here's a few farewell photos!

It's gonna be a long weekend and week for me.  I have lots of furniture moving, unpacking, and painting ahead.  It'll be nice to finally get back into a normal routine once training ends, everything is unpacked, and the internet is installed in the new place.

And to be extra cheesy and carry on the whole "moving" theme, here's a little somethin somethin to #backthatazzup to!

Move Bitch (Get Out the Way) by Ludacris on Grooveshark 

 Until next time y'all!

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