Wining and Dining in New York City

As promised yesterday, here's part deux of my extended 4th of July weekend.  After a late arrival from Boston on Thursday night, I got about 4 hours of sleep and then immediately hopped on the next train into New York City.  I know it may seem crazy and exhausting going back and forth from two large cities with little sleep, but I had good reasons!  

One of my best friends/college roommate was in town from Louisiana and I had to see her :)  So we reunited and it was so much fun!  We basically drank and ate our way through Manhattan, so that explains the million food pictures you're about to see.  I apologize in advance for making you starve while staring at your computer screen.  Food is just too good y'all!  And one of these days I'll ditch the iphone and start using my new DSLR camera that I must have touched only about four times.  Shame shame.

We basically walked the entire lower Manhattan until our feet were about to fall!  We started off in the West Village, then made our way to the Chelsea Market, then stopped for some shopping in SoHo, passed by Little Italy, and eventually ended up at a bar in the Lower East Side where they had sick drink specials.  Lychee martinis for $5, holla!  If you've ever been to NYC, you know that's a rarity.

At the bar, we met up with another friend from home who now lives in NYC lucky bitch and from there it was history.  After ordering one too many rounds, we some how made it to a Thai restaurant (yes I had that two days in a row, don't judge.. shits cheap!) and I honestly couldn't tell y'all a thing about the place.  You can thank the martinis for that one.

molly's cupcakes new york city
The cupcake was from Molly's cupcakes and it was stuffed with chocolate chip cookie dough.  Oh my gawd, delish!  And below is from Murray's Cheese Bar.  Our waitress loved us so much, we each had our wine of choice fo free!  Plus a free meal coupon to come back.  I don't know what we did to score that one!
chanel 5th avenue new york city

google new york citylittle italy new york city dash boutique new york city
The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying this goodness.  And those crab legs?  I promise you'll be seeing more as soon as I get back in the south.  I could probably eat ten pounds if I tried.  Ok maybe I lied..

PS-- My MacBook decided to crash on me last night!!  How great is that!?  ..totally being sarcastic by the way.  It won't start up and gives me a flashing folder with question mark sign.  Has anyone had this happen to them before?

So now I'm stuck using Chris's laptop.  I have an appointment at Apple this evening and I'm hoping my baby can be fixed.  If not I may cry.

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