Road Trip Essentials

Helllooooo there!  Wow I'm surprised I'm actually making it to this little blogger dashboard of mine and writing a post today!  This is my last week of vacation and I'm already depressed thinking about my return home.  There's something about responsibilities, a normal routine, and schedule that just doesn't feel right.  Can I just play on the river and in the pool all day while living off of beer and crab legs?  I'm thinking I should reconsider this whole getting a Master's degree and "big girl" job thing.  Just sayin...

But since it's still summer time and many of you are busy traveling, like myself, I have put together some road trip essentials!  When Chris and I made our 1,400 mile move across the country last summer, these things were necessary.  Especially number 2 and 3 below.  But who am I kidding, Starbucks and iPhones are always necessary.

road trip essentials
One.  Sunnies.  A definite must for any daytime drive.  Or because you just rolled out of bed and look like Lindsay Lohan the morning after the club.

Two.  Starbucks.  So you don't fall asleep and stuff like that.  And it tastes good too.  Win win!

Three.  Phone car charger.  God forbid you get disconnected from the world.  I can't handle that one.

Four.  GPS.  Because you probably don't know where you're going if it's a long trip!

Five.  iTunes and a fun playlist.  This was a life saver for my drive.  Add as many songs as you can!

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