Hide Yo Food, Hide Yo Shoes

It's been one hell of a long week I must say, but I still some how have it in me to write a up a quick post for you!  Let's get a few things straight here: 

Did I really see you pull my plate off the coffee table with those tiny paws of yours?  I hope you enjoyed that pizza crust because it's no more bacon treats for you.  For a week. 

Thanks for teaching the dog to climb on furniture and steal food!  When she steals that burger you were so excited to shove down your mouth, I don't wanna hear it!  

I'm coming for you, real soon!  But please don't allow me to leave with 10 extra pounds from all the good food I know I will consume.  Or do.  That way I can finally get my fat ass to the gym. 

New Job,
I start training for you as soon as I return from vacation.  If for some reason I don't seem all there, blame it on New Orleans.

If I start neglecting you during these next few weeks, I'm not sorry!  I'll be too busy prancing around the south getting my drink and fun on.  I still love you and you'll see me soon enough... eventually.

You're about to cost me a lot of money to get you out of Apple jail this evening.  Do me a favor and don't break again please.

Neighbor Thief,
Who steals an old muddy pair of shoes and a bottle of vinegar from someone's apartment?  Oh that's right, I guess you do.  And you obviously live on my floor because who else would walk all the way down the end of the hall of a random floor inside our building?  That's just gross.. and strange.  I feel sorry for you!

Yoga Pants,
Hey Whitney hey,  if you back your azz up, I guess I will too.

Happy weekend betches!  also linking up with Ashley.

PS** I have a Coach gift card I'm wanting to get rid of! It's balance is $122.92, anyone interested in buying it for $95?  If so, let me know!  

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