Down in New Orleans

In celebration of my time home, I've got a little taste of NOLA just for you!

Now before we start, let's just make sure we're all on the same page here!  It's pronounced New-Or-Lins, NOT New-Or-Leans.  Ok moving on..

When I think of NOLA, a few main things come to mind:  good food, friendly people, music, culture, Bourbon Street, the french quarter, and Mardi Gras.  And that my friends is the recipe for a great time if you ask me.

So here are some of the reasons New Orleans is my favorite city.  And be sure to put your party pants on; there's a reason NOLA is known as the most fun city in the world.  I'll let you take a look and see for yourself!

 Where The Party Starts
bourbon street

Bourbon Street
Where the bars are open all day, everyday.  Seriously.. it never ends.  This is a 13 block street right in the middle of the French Quarter and is home to some of the city's most sought after drinks.  You are more than welcome to walk through the entire French Quarter with your drink of choice in hand.  See a cop?  Gladly wave hi and go about your business.  Then be sure to come back  later on during the night and ask to take a picture with him.  It's totally fine, just don't get crazy!   Now tell me where else can you do such a thing!?
bourbon street new orleans louisiana

Pat O'Briens
One of the most famous bars in the quarter!  This is personally one of my favorites!  You can sit inside and enjoy the dueling piano players while requesting your favorite song, or soak up the atmosphere in the relaxing courtyard.  Regardless of what you choose, order a hurricane or twenty and I promise it will be a good time!
pat obriens french quarter

Pat O'Briens Hurricane + Tropical Isle Hand Grenade
The two must have drinks of the city.  Neither one will disappoint.  But take it easy on those hand grenades, they'll sneak up on ya!  Don't say I didn't warn you ;)
hurricane and hand grenade drinks

Jackson Square
The historic heart of New Orleans.  It is home of the St. Louis Cathedral.  Surrounded around the square you can find dozens of local street artists selling their unique pieces of art.  This is the most beautiful and personally my favorite spot to relax and take in the quarter.  If you like to people watch, then you're in for a treat.
st louis cathedral jackson square new orleans louisiana

cafe du monde french quarter new orleans louisiana

Cafe Du Monde
Home of the original beignets.  These doughy powdery concoctions are quite addicting.  Be sure to try 'em, I promise you won't be able to eat just one!
cafe du monde beignets

French Market
While your on the way to Cafe Du Monde, be sure to stop at the French Market!  Lots of goodies can be found here.  This is where you can buy the best pralines if you ask me!

While New Orleans is famous for it's food, crawfish are at the very top of my list.  I'm pretty sure any local would agree!  They may look like dirty mud bugs, partially because they are, but it is seriously the most mouth watering, tasteful food you will ever have.  I know I've said it before, but I seriously could eat my body weight in these, but that's probably not a good idea.  Pair this with an Abita Strawberry beer and you've got yourself a feast.  
boiled crawfish

This creole dish has it all in my book.  It's typically served with cajun sausage and seafood (usually shrimp).  You can find this dish on any menu in the quarter and no matter where you go, the recipe is right on spot!  I can honestly say that about all the restaurants there- they're all extremely good.  You won't go hungry.

The Superdome
Home of the New Orleans Saints!  If you happen to be around the city during football season, make sure you get your hands on some Saints tickets.  It will be an experience like no other and the loud, crazy, passionate fans will blow your ears off.  Welcome to the Who Dat Nation my friends!
mercedes benz superdome

Mardi Gras
Louisiana's own holiday, aka a season of it's own!  You see, around here we do things differently.  If you haven't gotten the vibe yet, we like to have fun.  That is what this city is all about- a good time.  Although Mardi Gras is technically one day, Fat Tuesday, we stretch it out a bit.  For weeks prior to Mardi Gras day, you can catch parades all over the quarter and surrounding cities.  This is when you quickly learn who the lightweight in the group is.  
new orleans mardi gras parade

Notice how this whole post was about food and drinking?  That's NOLA for ya!

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