You Know You're a 90's Kid When

Today I am Co-Hosting with a few ladies to bring you Throw Back Thursday!  I decided to take you all the way to the 90's, aka the best time of our lives.  I'm pretty sure it's safe to say our generation was pretty much the best ever.  I mean just look... these toys speak for themselves!

You Know You're a 90's Kid When:
90's toys
1.  TY Beanie Babies -  you didn't have just one.  I'm talking more like 200 or so.  And you can still name them all.
2.  Furbies -  you made your parents wait in a really long line to get their hands on this thing.
3.  Game Boy - you were around to see the game boy transition to COLOR.  Yes kids, we lived in the black + white days.
4.  Lisa Frank - if you didn't have this, you weren't one of the "cool kids" at the table.  Admit it.
toys from the 90's
5.  Tamagotchi - you cared more about the life of this pet than your real dog at home.
6.  Password Journal - you knew your secret crushes would safely be hidden in this thing.
7.  Moon Shoes - you owned a pair of these before a pair of Nikes.
8.  Skip It - you had one too many bruises on your ankle from this thing, but you fought through the pain so you could reach over 100 skips.  That's dedication.
90s toys
9.  Doodle Bear - you didn't sign your friend's yearbook, you signed this guy.
10.  Electronic Mermaid - you still think this is better than any iPad game. Ever.
11.  Yomega Yo-Yo - you had the best yo-yo, with custom string and all.
12.  Laser Pointer - you were truly a gangsta for owning a "banned" object.

and last.. you know you're a 90's kid when you recognized & knew the names of each of these toys that put the biggest smile on your face!

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