Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend doesn't even compare to last weekend in NYC, but it was much needed.  I spent most of the time at home but managed to add in a little retail therapy and it was just what I needed!  Since my parents are 1400 miles away, Father's Day was postponed til July, but Happy Father's Day if any of you men out there are reading!

One.  I started off my weekend doing school work.  This is the typical joyful life of a graduate student.
Two.  I got a new iPad and I love it!!  Chris is going to take my old one.  Yay for new toys! I'm a nerd.
Three. Boyfriend came home with goodies.  Popeyes is the perfect fix for those southern Louisiana cravings!
Four. My amazing hibachi lunch on Sunday.  I am obsessed & really could eat this everyday.
Five.  New Forever 21 finds!  Only $24 for both.  What a steal!
Six.  Saw this "monogram" necklace at F21.  Would someone actually wear this just for the look?  I mean seriously, those aren't even letters!

So what did you do this weekend?  Link up with Sami and share!

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