Weekend Recap: Roller Coasters + Roofies

Good morning everyone!  It's Monday (insert happy face), which means another weekend has passed and another long work week awaits.  I'm thinking this work/weekend ratio doesn't quite balance.  Why can't America just work say 3 days a week and have the rest off?  Spending majority of our days working just to have two full free days off isn't quite cutting it for me.  So why don't we all just agree to put an end to this?  Starting ..... now!

K so now that we all agree on this new work trend, here's how I spent my weekend:
One.  Chris & I got season passes to Six Flags and oh my god y'all I felt like a 10 yr old in Disney World!  Take me back now please.

Two.  We literally got our asses kicked on the roller coasters.  When we got off we were so sick + dizzy I thought we may have been roofied!  There must have been vodka in that bottle instead of water.  That's what happens when you take a five year break from amusement parks.  Perks of getting old I guess. 

Three.  This stuff.  Heaven on a spoon.  Enough said.  

Four.  I got this basket at HomeGoods & decided to use it as a toy basket for Hailey.  It was the most adorable thing watching her take her toys out :)

Five.  New sideways cross bracelet I found at Charming Charlies!  I am in love!  It looks similar to the Alex and Ani one I wanted that is like 7 times the price.  And actually, I like this one way better!  Score :)

Six.  My newest obsessed.  I found this cute little jewelry holder at Tj Maxx!  That place never disappoints!

I hope everyone had a good weekend :)  Go get some of that cookie butter from Trader Joe's.  You'll thank me later!

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