Monogrammed Bedding Obsession

I don't know about y'all, but I've been loving some monogrammed bedding as of lately!  I've been seeing the oh so famous pottery barn monogrammed sheets popping up in everyone's home tours & photos around the web world lately and I think it's finally time that I jump on the band wagon and get me some!  A southern girl can never have too much monogram, right?!  It just gives such a clean and refreshing look, which is how I like a bedroom to be.
monogrammed bedding
monogrammed bedding
But I must admit,  I've basically given up with all the decor ideas I had for the room prior to moving into our apartment because honestly I just can't stand to be in there.  I'm in it to sleep and that is it.  Yes, it's as depressing as it sounds!  

See, I love love love natural lighting.  If I could, I would have a glass house and be the happiest thing on this planet.  Just sayin.  Buuttt.. in reality, my bedroom resembles a dark dungeon.  Literally.  The white furniture looks like dark grey furniture.  There are NO windows.  None!!  And a light fixture? None.  Zero!  It's basically like a hotel room with a tiny closet, lamp lighting and no windows.  In fact, our entire little downtown apartment only has one window!  It's a big window with a nice downtown view, but the only natural lighting is in the living room and kitchen, which just simply is not enough!  

I have finally had enough of it and have convinced Chris to agree to start looking for a new place to live when our lease ends in August.  Is it crazy of me for having the bedroom be one of the main reasons I want a new place?  I hope not!  A girl just needs her space and ability to have it reflect her style.  That's not too much to ask for!  So here's to future design inspiration for hopefully in a few months :)
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