Groovin and Ballin in NYC

Today I am counting down the hours til it is time to be NYC BOUND!  Only a few more hours to go and I will be on my way!  I will be spending my weekend at the Governor's Ball Music Fest with my best friend, Megan, and Chris!  To say I am excited is an understatement.  We have been waiting for this trip for too long now!  I don't know what I'm more excited about.. the music or the city... so how about both!?

Is that not an amazing set up or what?  Kings Of Leon, Of Monsters And Men, Pretty Lights (to name a few) with my favorite people and a perfect NYC skyline right behind it? Yes please.

And of course... what to wear what to wear.  I actually bought that white laced tank (pictured on the right) from Forever 21, so I'm thinking of pairing that with either some mint or chartreuse denim shorts.  I'm not sure which ones yet.  What do you think I should do?  Also, I love wrapped & layered bracelets, flowy (is that a word?) jewelry, and fringe.  I just think it's the perfect style for a summer music fest!

governors ball music festival outfit ideas what to wear

I will for sure be wearing my aviators and have a sling purse for the important stuff- iPhone, camera,  & water!  If you think I'm leaving any necessities out.. let me know :)

And it wouldn't be Throw Back Thursday with out adding this little gem of Megan & I- Spring Break 2013.  I promise I'm not THAT short.  She's just tall ;)

...that time we forgot we had already graduated college and thought Spring Break was still for us... more on that later.

Well I won't be back until late Sunday, so if you don't hear from me after this, have a good weekend!

Make sure you follow me on Instagram & Twitter !  You can bet I will be overflowing your feed with TONS of pictures throughout the trip.  And don't forget about Vine (The Southern Thing) .. I may post a video... or two ;)

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