Sake Sake Sake! My 24th Birthday

So Thursday was my 24th Birthday!  Whoah I'm old!  I also share my birthday with my  Mom!  How crazy right!?  

So I started off my celebration at work after receiving a sweet card from all my coworkers and the cute little students I counsel/tutor also made me a birthday card!  How sweet:)  As soon as Chris & I got home from work, we got ready for dinner, and then he surprised me with cake & gifts.  We had dinner at our favorite Hibachi restaurant and that place never disappoints.  The chefs are so entertaining & crazy.  They squirt free sake shots down your mouth while cheering you on, so you better believe I left that place feeling pretty good!  It was a fun night!

Birthday outfit- mint, white, & gold = my fave

We started with some drinks.  I got the Skinny Bahama Mama (right) and Chris got a Geisha (left).  Neither of us were expecting the little lady vase cup ha!

Our food.  We ordered the steak & scallops, so delish!

Chris reading me my birthday poem.  For every holiday he writes me a sweet poem, he's pretty good:)

Cookie cakes are the best

And did I mention he's the best gift giver?   Mall shopping cards never disappoint and that external hard drive couldn't have come at a better time.  I forgot to mention that the morning of my birthday, I was updating my iPhone and something went wrong.  Well turns out the update completely erased EVERYTHING on my phone, including my pictures.  I hadn't backed up my phone to my computer in a really long time since I am almost out of hard drive space, so there was no way to restore anything.  I was pretty upset.  Hopefully this will never happen again now!  And about that window tint certificate, he made that.  He's so goofy!

And no birthday would be complete without a little moscato to end the night!

Well that sums up how I celebrated my birthday.  I hope everyone has a great memorial day weekend! It's raining and in the 40's here today, so I'll be jealous of all you beach/lake goers!  Have fun!


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