Blog & Bedroom Design Inspiration

I am sooo excited to finally have my blog design done!  I feel like an official blogger now.  I couldn't be happier with the turn out.  Aubrey did an amazing job working with me to design my blog just how I wanted it!  If you are looking to get yours redesigned, I highly recommend Kinch Life Designs!  

So I thought I would share what inspired my design.  I am absolutely obsessed with pink & gold & these lovely pictures on Pinterest caught my eye every time.  I am so crazy about this color theme now that I've decided I want to redo my bedroom in it.  I'm sure Chris will be just thrilled with having a pink room.  We'll see how that goes. 
pink and gold design inspiration
My blog design inspiration. I love love loved the light pink & metallic gold combo

pink and gold design inspiration home decor

For my bedroom, I am thinking of getting a light pink duvet cover for the bed and some tan, gold, & white chevron and monogrammed pillows as accents.  I also have a tan ikat lamp shade by Threshold that I found at Target on clearance for only $7 (yes, SEVEN!!)  that I would for sure incorporate.  

So tell me, since Chris & I are not married and therefore do not have the same last name, how should we go about doing a monogram decor item in a home we share?

gold monogrammed pillow
gold chevron wallpaper

Do you have any other ideas to go along with this pink & gold color scheme?  I would love to hear your suggestions on any accent colors I should consider.  My bedroom furniture is all white if that helps!

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